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pokemon_manga's Journal

Pokémon Manga
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Manga seems to get the short end of the stick in the Pokémon fandom, so here's a community for those of us who appreciate the various series to be had on the shelf.

I think the only real rules here are going to be
-Scans are welcome but keep them to a minimum. Consider how many pages there are overall and please be reasonable. Likewise, no linking to full issues UNLESS the story has been out of print for years and will likely never be reprinted (ie, the CoroCoro movie adaptations of 5 and before, or the Galactic 4Komas from the card game website). Also put any pictures larger than half a page under a cut.
-Spoilers are going to be a given, but please put anything under six months from first English release (that's US, UK, Australia, and Singapore, whichever comes first) under a cut. As for after that, use your best judgement--we all know Yellow is a girl, but we may not know who Guile Hideout really is, for instance, or who the kid with the Dratini was in the first chapter of PokeWake.
-No flaming, but that's a given. However, spirited discussions are more than welcome.

If you think someone's breaking any of these rules, contact me, blackjackrocket, immediately.

Some things were too long to put in the interests, which is very unfortunate. So "Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!" is under "Pokémon DP" and "How I Became A Pokémon Card" is under "PokeWake".
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