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Switchblade!--by BlackjackRocket

March 2014



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Oct. 4th, 2009

switchblade! I choose you!--by me


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A reminder--DPA5 and Adventures 3 come out in English this week! Some stores already have them in (I saw them both today at Barnes & Noble, but that might not be true for all B&N stores).

Those of you outside North America, I'm not sure of the availability. I know Australia tends to get them at the same time we do, but I don't know about the UK.

Jun. 8th, 2009

switchblade! I choose you!--by me


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So! DPA4 and Adventure 1 came out last week in the US and Canada (and Australia maybe?)! Did everyone who could rush out and get them?

It was funny. I went in the day they came out and headed straight back to the kids manga section, only to find a floor clerk looking for DPA4. It wasn't there even though the computer said it was in the store. So together we scoped out general manga and teen manga before she went back to the kid who was looking for it and asked him if he wanted a rain check. I kept looking, and noticed a cart in the comic book section (which includes manga and, for some reason, game guides both video and tabletop RPG).
And the entire bottom row of the cart was DPA4 and Adventure 1. It kicked ass. So I called back to the kid that I'd found them, and then everyone was happy and it was awesome.

Anyway, wanted to share those notes with you. Post is mostly for thoughts on the volumes.

We knew already how Adventure 1 would go because hey, it's a reprint. I noticed some things though:
-They kept the Mickey Mouse reference that I thought for sure would go.
-Surge isn't identified as a Rocket just yet.
-They changed the font on the pokedex

And then there's DPA4...hahahaha oh man Cyrus how did you manage to break time in half without the Red Chain?
If anybody is going to break continuity, it's going to be him, right?Collapse )
But holy crap, yo, that battle was freaking awesome. And it's, of course, not over yet!

I have to admit that I was worried that they may stop with volume 5 (mostly due to thematic elements in 6), but it says "to be continued in volume 5", so that implies continuation *after* 5. Yaaaaay!

May. 28th, 2009



(no subject)

Hey! I'm going to take advantage of this place by asking a favor of y'all. I run a website called Rockman Tanjou, but because my own interests are shifting and my partner in crime doesn't want to be a partner anymore, I'm changing the theme to both Rockman AND Pokemon. (My friends know I've been talking about this for a while, but now I can actually sit down and do stuff. WOOT!)

ANYWAY. My friend was the webmistress and translator for the group, and as she's retired from the translating biz, I need someone to help me out, because I do not read the Japanese, even if English is my bitch. I have a manga that I'm certain is Japan-only, and as it's beautiful and a novelization of one of my favorite movies (Lucario and the Tree of Beginning), I'd like a translator or two. However, I do want to find someone who is willing to translate the remaining Rockman manga we've got to finish as well as the Pokemon manga I've got and the stuff I'm going to get. (Mostly I'm planning on raiding a friend who lives in Japan and Ebay, but give me a title and/or scans that another group isn't translating and we'll take it.) If you yourself own a manga and want to help, scanners are always welcome and definitely get credit, because I know from experience scanning is a boring pain in the ass.

So before I realize how big my mouth is getting, I'm going to sign off. Please let me know if you or anyone you know is interested! Our website url is http://tanjou.rocktarts.com. (By the by, we're going to rename it Tanjou Translations, just so it's...not so specific. Also, Alliterations Are Awesome.)

lugiaapproves!--by me



Welcome to pokemon_manga! I suppose we can just jump right into things with some questions!

-What's your favorite Pokémon manga and why?
-What Pokémon manga do you most want to see translated?
-Who's your favorite manga-exclusive character?

My answers:
-Magical Pokémon Journey and How I Became A Pokémon Card, because they show people and pokémon really living *together* as opposed to just trainers and all that.
-How I Became A Pokémon Card, for that reason. Also Golden Boys because of Eusine and also if they translate it they'd probably be forced to give it a real ending.
-I like Hazel. She's awesome.

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