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Switchblade!--by BlackjackRocket

March 2014

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Sailor Moon

soraka_sales in pokemon_manga

Many Collectibles on Sale!

If not allowed, feel free to delete.

Many, many collectibles on sale! I hate to sell these but I need the money for tuition and housing! Please take a look around and I hope you find something of interest on my selling journal soraka_sales! I have lots of anime, manga, movie, and comic book items for sale! Video games! DVDs! Figurines! CDs! Keychains! Doujinshi! You name it and I likely have something of it on here!

For many collectibles, I looked up the cheapest prices on major selling websites and then lowered them on here! Most prices are negotiable (You may still negotiate even if I have not put 'negotiable' beside the item! Feel free to!) I have provided links below to each section of my sales journal for those interested!

Thank you and happy buying!

Sailor Moon|Harry Potter|Death Note|Batman|Pokemon|Digimon|Teen Titans|X-Files|Star Wars|Invader Zim|CDs|DVDs, VHSs, and Video Games|Jewelry|Magazines|Manga and Comic Books|Miscellaneous Collectibles|Etc.


You will probably get a lot more for the meet sailor moon book on ebay its quite collectible
Oh, thank you for pointing that out to me! I don't know how I missed that! I have fixed it now. I'm very grateful you would tell me. ^^
np!!! i have the whole set they are my favourite books :)
Nice! I believe I have Sailor Mercury and Venus as well, but I just can't stand to get rid of all my Sailor Moon things. It's such a huge part of my childhood.